As well as the local markets, there are also numerous brocantes and vide greniers (flea markets) which take place all year round.

There are a variety of local festivals, fêtes, night markets and firework displays that take place throughout the Summer in the local villages and towns. These are aimed at all ages and generally take place between the months of June and September.  A few are listed below, but full details can be found in the gîtes.

If you are interested in attending a particular event, please contact us for further details, exact dates etc.

International de la Band Dessinée (Comic Strip Festival): takes place over 4 days on the last weekend in January in Angoulême.   A very popular event with adults and children alike. 

Medieval Fêtes: there are several medieval fêtes in the region over the Summer, but one of the best is at Dignac (40mins), which takes place in early July. 

“Fête Nautique” (river festival): takes place at Épeluche (15mins), usually the last weekend in August, and includes a procession of boats decorated with paper flowers, duck races and a fireworks display.

“Circuit des Remparts” (classic car race): takes place in Angoulême on the third weekend in September.  Over 3 days the whole of Angoulême gets swept up in the excitement of the races. The roads are closed off to create a street circuit which has not changed since 1939.  The combination of hairpin bends and fast straights leads to challenging driving and excitement for the spectators on this unique street circuit.  One of the best races is one that is devoted to Grand Prix Bugattis, and around 20 Bugattis race around the old narrow streets.

“Gastronomades” (Gourmet Festival): this is a huge 3-day food fair which takes place in Angoulême at the end of November.  There are marquees dotted all around the centre of Angoulême, where you can watch different demonstrations of preparing and cooking food and there is plenty of food and drink for you to sample.